Unlock the Benefits of Biofeedback

improve your overall well-being and react in a healthy manner to any given stimulus. It is the ultimate in “mind over matter,” operating under the belief that every human being has the ability to alter, through sheer will power, our body’s physiological responses.

On the most basic level, biofeedback uses different monitoring systems and equipment to help you learn how to control certain “automatic” or “unconscious” physiological responses. These automatic responses include body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure. The idea behind biofeedback is that these so-called “automatic” responses can actually be altered solely through exerting mental force.

These bodily processes are measured with electrodes and the information about them is conveyed to you in “real-time.” The responses will be displayed¬†bioresenance therapy¬† on a screen for you to easily see and/or hear. Different machines use different ways of relaying the results to you. Some use flashes, others use beeps, and still others might use a combination of both.

In this way, biofeedback differs from typical medical testing. You don’t wait for weeks to hear the about the results from an evaluation. You, at that very moment, learn how your body is responding. Achieving complete awareness of your body’s physical responses requires this immediate feedback.

You benefit from biofeedback by learning to recognize your body’s responses and signals. Once you know what they are, you are in a position to begin controlling them. Often, in some way or another, our bodily responses are counterproductive to well-being. Pinpointing these “malfunctions” allows you to target and readjust them. In doing so, you’ll find noticeable relief from many of medical conditions affecting your body.

The processes measured by biofeedback include heart rate, skin temperature, the galvanic skin response (electrical conductivity of your skin), muscle tension, and brain wave activity. It’s worth emphasizing that the machine only measures changes in bodily responses; it does not create them. You yourself are achieving any positive changes you see.