The Time of Choice and The Great Crystal

The following couple of months will be an undeniable season of decision and all of you will pick. What you pick and how might decide the fate of your adored Planet.

The decisions will get through your responses to occasions along with what you start yourself, and they not set in stone by how far you wish to grip onto your reality as you have consistently known it and how far you are ready to embrace another future. It will be a decision not simply between the former ways and a new beginning yet in addition between putting yourself first or sharing, and between having abundance as the judge of progress or otherworldly qualities all things considered.

You will have no choice except for to pick, and there will be no chance of lingering. It very well may be extraordinary tomfoolery or somewhat alarming, and opposition will be pointless; what is valid, characteristically, is that the very thing that you do and how you are throughout the long term and years to come will be the best chance of your lifetime, most likely any lifetime, and what you have sat tight for this time. It is the reason you are here on Earth now, and it is the reason it is so awesome.

Does this sound secretive?! Maybe, yet it will become more clear as time unrolls before you and the master plan turns out to be more apparent. Until further notice, realize just that everything is set up impeccably for your future and mine, and that whatever your decision – and there is one major decision you will make later – everything is well overall.

At the core of your planet is an extraordinary gem, monstrous in size and stature*.

This precious stone is the Soul of all gems all over, gigantically strong and infinitely knowledgeable. In this extraordinary precious stone thumps the core of Gaia and it oversees your planet too. It is the quintessence and the key.

This extraordinary gem appears in the midst of hardship and furthermore when the otherworldly equilibrium is at its absolute best, when the beat of humankind and of Soul beat as one, when for the individual the spirit and the character work as one. There are long patterns of time when the gem lies neglected and overlooked and different ages when She is commended and respected as she should be. The prosperity of Earth relies on Her.

She shows, when times are right in various ways and various pretenses. In Her spot in the core of the globe she sparkles pearl white, a translucent gloss which is the shade of the illumination of God, yet when she rose into sign on the landmass of Atlantis she was blue, the shade of recuperating and pardoning, sympathy and shrewdness, educating and furthermore of psychism, for the connections with Soul then, at that point, were consistent and open, like never before previously, for specific ones with the gift and consent to work with Her.