Proven Ways To Increase Energy Without Caffeine

Even though it is great to gulp down your favorite caramel macchiato at the start of your workday to get energized, you can definitely increase energy without caffeine. There are other great options available that are much more healthy.

Here are some proven non-caffeine ways to stay healthy and energized:

1. Regulate your sleepingĀ Red boost pattern at night

Do not stay up too late watching TV or endlessly chatting up with friends on the internet. Set up a strict schedule or time period when you should already be in bed. Relax, close your eyes and do not think about that email from your boss that you were not able to answer. Your body will be accustomed to this pattern soon enough which would result to a more energetic you come morning.

2. Sweat it out

It is widely proven that moving your body to exercise will boost your metabolism and increase energy without caffeine. It keeps you alert throughout the day as well as give you with a more healthy and sexy body as a bonus. So, challenge yourself to do jumping jacks or have a short jogging session every day. Ensure that you set your exercise routine in the morning or afternoon rather than in the evening. Remember that a hectic day is not an excuse to not get your body moving.

3. Listen to music

Get into the groove by listening to some funky or highly energetic music in your iPod or mp3 player.

4. Try some meditation techniques

Meditation has been proven to be a great antidote for anxiety and stress. The exhaustion and your lack of desire to be active on any given day could possibly be attributed to some negative emotions that you are feeling. You could learn some breathing and relaxation techniques designed to not only cleanse but heat and energize your body.

5. Go nutty with nuts

Complex carbohydrates such as nuts are high-fiber foods that help stabilize your blood sugar and keep your fingers and jaw busy. Go into a healthy habit of packing a small snack bag of trail mix with nuts, dried berries, and grains. It is a good stash to take out when lethargy creeps up on you from time to time. Peanut butter is also a good alternative.

6. Light it up

Make sure that your work or home area is properly illuminated at a time when you need it to be. This is because your mood responds naturally to changes in light. When you are working in a dimly lit area, there is a likelihood that you would want to snooze rather than finish an assigned task.

7. Go for fruits as your dessert

Drop those sugary pies and grab your favorite fruits instead as your dessert. Foods that are alkaline forming like fruits and vegetables have been proven to be energy boosters.

So, the next time you are feeling quite sleepy during the day, just keep in mind these quick tips on how to increase energy without caffeine so that you can bounce back on your feet.

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