A Philosophical Exploration – Are Dragons Real?

Whether or not winged serpents are genuine is a troublesome one, made muddled by the way that we don’t actually have a functioning meaning of “mythical beast.” Everybody realizes that it alludes to a huge, flaky, reptilian animal of some kind; but that is an able depiction of a dinosaur. Is a dinosaur a mythical beast? Many individuals in all actuality do trust that the bones of dinosaurs, tracked down by antiquated people groups, led to the faith in a significant number of the huge mythic monsters that were usually put stock in.

Notwithstanding, it’s safe to say that the term winged serpent really addresses a legendary monster. The dinosaurs were a sub class no matter what anyone else might think and have their own particular spot in the aggregate human creative mind. However, winged serpents are unique, they are exceptional, they are confidential.

The fundamental nature of a winged Komodo Island Day Tour serpent, which separates it from Komodo mythical beasts, or Dinosaurs, is wizardry. That is the reason such countless mythical beasts fly, or inhale fire, or cast spells. This unthinkable component outlines the mythical beast from different individuals from the reptile family.

Oddly, it is this distinctive quality, enchantment, which makes it unthinkable for winged serpents to exist. Enchantment is nearly by definition something which is unthinkable. When something becomes conceivable, it is as of now not sorcery.

The inquiry that should be responded to then is on the off chance that a types of reptile was found, that had wings, and could some way or another inhale fire, and everything worked by genuine normal logical regulation, could they be mythical serpents? Or on the other hand upon disclosure, could they promptly turn out to be simply one more animal types in the list of creatures?
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